Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Weekend.

Holy cow, this is going to be a busy weekend.

Today, we are celebrating Father's Day.  I know it's not until Sunday, but we have good reason for celebrating early.  See, my sister is leaving for her mission trip on Sunday at 5 in the morning. 

So we celebrate Father's Day today.  Then tomorrow, we help make sure everything is packed and ready to go, as well as spending time with her before she leaves.  Then on Sunday we take her to the airport.

And then Monday I start teaching Vacation Bible School for a week.  So it's going to lessen the sadness of not having my sister around.  I always get mopey when she's not around.  She's my one of my best friends.  I know she's going to have a great time, but I'm still going to miss her.

Friday, Trevor is leaving.  My second best friend is going to be gone.  So for two days, my two favorite people in the world are going to be gone.  I'm trying not to be bummed.  I've had time with Katie and I'll have more with her before she goes.  Then I'll have several days with Trevor before he goes. 

So it won't be too bad.

Just busy.


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