Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friends before Love.

Last night my boyfriend came over for dinner and hang out time.

It was good.  We went for a walk and I was able to talk with him about all the stresses I was feeling this week - friends who don't actually value my friendship, friends going through break ups, etc.  Being able to get that out was so theraputic.

Yeah, I have my family.  And yeah, I have other friends I can talk about it with.  But talking with him and having him tell me it's ok and that I'm ok, that was perfect.  I think it's part of that bonding between individuals. 

Yes, kissing and hand holding is great.  Yes, goofing off is great too.  But being able to have conversations - about anything - is wonderful.  That's the beauty of where we started.  We started as friends, and we will always be friends.  We are boyfriend/girlfriend, and at some point we're probably going to be husband/wife, but we will always be friends. 

And I wouldn't trade that for anything.


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