Saturday, March 6, 2010

Viruses and Fish

So yeah. Yesterday, I got myself a big ol' piece of spyware installed upon my laptop. As if that were not enough, while my dad (who actully knows how to deal with that sort of thing) was messing with the spyware, he discovered eight hidden viruses that my anti-virus software was not picking up on.

Whoop de flippin doo.

I am not thrilled about this, can you tell? It just irritates me that that sort of crap can get on my computer. Really? All I do is check my email, go to a few fan forums, read fanfiction... Okay, I do a lot of online stuff. But still.

On a different tangent. How many of you readers have seen this ad?

That song gets into my head so often. I have only seen the ad a couple of times, but it's so flippin catchy. Right? Don't look at me that way - you know you secretly think the song is awesome too.

Okay, well that's about it. My mom just told me to get a life. I don't know what to say to that....

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