Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi again.

So you know that test I took last week that I was pretty sure I failed? Yeah, I was right - I got a 58 on it. Go me. And that was the lowest grade I hae ever made since starting college.

Until today, when I got my math test back. Yep, I made a 42 on it. I rock, can you tell?

But -

There is hope. I stayed up until midnight last night writing and perfecting a bio paper on transgenic crops for today. It's 11 pages long and chock full of stuff, so hopefully I'll at least get a C on it. And the math final? We reviewed for it today in class and I know almost everything that is going to be covered on it. I just need to brush up on a couple of forumlas and practice using them a bit, and I should be able to rock that test so hard that I get an A on. There's no guarentee that I'll be able to do that with my bio test - I'm not entirely convinced I understand everything in class - but I'm going to study hard for it and see if I can pull it out. I only have another week of school after this.

I put in my notice at Sylvan. I was offered a position at Einstein's Bagels and was told they are going to work with me so I can become a shift supervisor by the time I graduate school. They are starting me at what I'm making now, and I'm starting at the bottom, working my way up. I know I have ranted about Sylvan a number of times here, but I really do have mixed feelings about leaving. I think Einstein's is where I'm supposed to be, just based on how quickly everything worked out (I start on the 11th), but I'm still pretty attached to the people I work with at Sylvan. They kind of became like a second family to me, and I feel like leaving is slightly bittersweet.

What else? Oh, I had the biggest meltdown I have had since high school this weekend. My mom was really worried about me. It ended with her having to help me schedule out my time so that I can actually get everything done. Cause otherwise, I won't and it will be bad. I have to say, though, that I am still feeling the effects of the meltdown. Even as I type this, I feel slight hysteria building. As long as I can keep it together and not cry while I'm here, at school, then I will be okay. Things are looking better - I still can't look past today, though. It's too overwhelming.

My friend ditched me today. Which is fine, cause I actually think I payed more attention in class without her trying to talk to me during lecture. I know that sounds bad, but still. I think I'm going to eat lunch alone - she's really social and I don't have the energy to be a social butterfly with her and her friends.

Ok, I think that about sums up everything. I made a new friend on this MST3K forum I'm on - she's close to my age and it's kinda fun to have someone to talk with about MST3K and other things my friends and family think I'm nuts for.

I gotta go - I need to do math homework and get some bio reading done before lecture.

Until next time, Cyberland,


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