Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Already?

I don't know why, but I was thinking it was more along the lines of like Wednesday or something. Well, except for the fact that I had lab today which always makes my school day long and that I was going from there to childsitting for my neighbor.

But seriously, this week was sooo long. On Tuesday I was feeling like it was Monday and so on and so forth.

And then I had another revelation, which is that Easter is this Sunday. That's right - Sunday. Where the heck did the first part of this year go? New Year's comes and we all swear we're going to make this year count, and what do you know? I don't remember a good chunk of what I've done this year so far. It's like the train got derailed along the way somewhere like a really cheesy western or something.

Or like a piece of RNA that got derailed while preparing a piece of DNA for duplication.

(Why yes, school does take up a lot of my brain capacity, however did you know??)

But, I think what can happen is for all of us to just keep going forward. I mean, we can't exactly go back and redo stuff anyway (well, unless we had like a hottub that worked as a time machine or something...), and even if we did, I think odds are that we would probably end up making the same mistakes.

So I'm going to enjoy the rest of my week, including my Easter, and I'm not going to worry about squat.

On a different note, today was April Fool's day. My friend and I got pranked by the school janitor, which was exciting...

Janitor: Good morning ladies.

Us: Morning

Janitor: Isn't it beautiful outside? By the way, did you know it's supposed to snow this afternoon?


Jen: Seriously?!?!

Janitor: *continues walking down the stairs laughing* Just kidding. April Fools! It's supposed to be 62 today. Oh, I got you guys good...

Me: Lol, okay, whatever.

Jen: *faux yelling* You suck!

So yeah, that was my exciting day. I totally hated lab today - it was soo freaking long - and so I'm not going to do the lab report. Well, at least, I'm not unless my grade drops significantly over the weekend.

Anyway, I'm tired and rambling yet again.

Later, cyberland readers,


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