Friday, April 30, 2010

I've Been Riding Out the Storm...

...And I think I can see a light in the clouds. Finally.

So I got the 95 on my paper and brought up my grade to an 80. That's a good start. The math final doesn't seem like it's going to be too horrible, but I'm still going to study like there is no tommorrow. The bio final is daunting, but I'll survive.

My last day of work at my current job is May 8th, which is next Saturday. I feel like I am on the right track. Today, I got the rest of my paperwork filled out at my new place and the rest of my uniform. The employees there are all really excited to have me, and were already starting to include me in their joking, even as I was filling out my paperwork.

And I officially have the title of "Junior Bacon Rodeo" on my MST3K forum that I'm on. I found out that titles like that are only given by moderators when they feel you have earned one. I think I know which administrator gave me mine, as his title says "Bacon is My Copilot" and he asked me to be his bacon disciple.

Things are finally working out. I know the next week or so is going to be rough, just because of the finals and leaving Sylvan and starting my new job, but I feel confident that I am on the right track.

The sun shining through the clouds really is nice. And hey, even though it's still drizzling, I think I can see a rainbow.

How's that for cheesey?


P.S. - When I finish this semester, I'm having a MST3K marathon. I may even throw in my CT DVD to shake it up. Nevertheless, it's going to be awesome. And I'll have survived one whole year at college, which is pretty incredible too.

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