Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...Hit by a Flippin Mac Truck....

Hi everyone. This blog was going to come earlier (no, seriously, it was...stop looking at me like that...ok, fine, look at me like that, see what I care....Gah.) but um, I got distracted.

Anyway, here it is now, all fresh and ready for reading consumption.

So, I had a biology test today and I am 99.98% sure I did not do well on it. That's how I normally feel about them, though, so I'm not overly worried. Or maybe I should be. I don't know, semester's almost over, I could care less at this point.

My point is that I am completely brain dead as of now. All I want to do is watch movies or color and then go to improv tonight. And maybe eat pizza, cause I have a pizza craving, cause you know, I'm a carbaholic. I mean it's to be expected, as I am part Irish/Italian, but I can't say that's the whol-

Wow, that was a tangent. *slaps self time or two* Okay, back to the topic.

Being brain dead is okay, except for if you are in college and have tons of homework due online before midnight of the day you are brain dead on. (Does that make sense??) I can almost guarentee that the math is not going to get finished. Which brings another important announcement:


I'm a little excited, can you tell?

I have to say, this semester was (and is) brutal. I realized I don't want to do biology every day for the rest of my existance. So today I changed my major.

I am officially an Associates of Art major, with plans to get a primary education degree after I graduate. So, I get to goof off a little now - my math classes will be done after this one, I can load up on music, drama, and literature, and I can still take a few science classes should I choose to. I'm pretty happy about it.

I still have a double math final, a math test on Thursday, a paper due in bio on Tuesday, another bio test, and three more labs, one of which is my last lab practical, before I'm done for the semester. I think I can make it. I mean, it's not going to stop for me anyway, so I might as well try.

Ok, I think my brain just gave out. I'm going to refuel it with chocolate and watch some MST3K, and try to unwind a tiny bit before going to improv. Later, cyberland readers.

~Meaghan, aka Birdgirl90

BTW, Twitter has made me realize that I have a very mundane life. I still don't really have an opinion on it....

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