Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Previously on "All the Stars and Boulevards"...

Hello cyberland readers, and welcome to yet another interesting blog post about the ongoings of the young woman named Meaghan.
In our last post, we left our heroine debating the pronunciation of the word "hai". What is she going to do now?

Okay, forget the cheesy opening. In all reality, I am at school, blogging on one of the computers in the library, drinking an orange soda, dreading the fact that I have a mountain of homework assigned and it's only Tuesday. Yep, it's that exciting around here.

However, despite the fact that school is getting down to the wire and I still don't feel quite on top of it, here are some high points for my week/day:

1. I'm having BBQ for lunch.

For those who do not know, I am originally from the St. Louis, MO region, where St. Louis style ribs are a way of life and there are several good BBQ joints to choose from. Here in Colorado, though, the BBQ pickins are slim. Which is odd, because you would think that Colorado, being ranching territory, would have really good, abundant BBQ. Instead, it's more of a Mexican food place. Today, though, my friend Jen and I are leaving campus and heading to Dickies (is that how it's spelled?) for some *hopefully* good BBQ.

2. I don't have to work today.

This is another big highlight for today. I know I complain about work and whatnot, but I really do for the most part like my job. That being said, I love not having to go in on days when I've just put in a full day at school. Like today, when morning came waay too early and math was a drudge. It means that instead, I can use that time to catch up on homework and chores, and that I can relax a bit.

3. There is Improv tonight.

I love improv. I love that I have somewhere I can go where everyone gets my sense of humor, where the laughs are abundant and sincere, and where I don't have to worry for an hour about not having a filter between my brain and my mouth. It is such a rewarding thing. And the people are fantastic, and it's just a lot of fun.

4. I am getting two DVD shipments this week.

That's right. I ordered some more MST3K DVDs from a guy on the MST3K forum I'm a member of and those should be coming in on Wed. if everything works out. I am so ready for "Fugitive Alien", you honestly have no idea. And I ordered a DVD from Cinematic Titanic that should also be coming in this week (see previous blogs for more information). Bring on "the Alien Factor". So it's going to be great, and if I get everything in a good place before they come in, I can spend my weekend watching them all.

5. I'm going to the museum on Friday.

This is another big one. My mom and sister both went last time and said it was fantastic. I get to go this time. I am so thrilled, you have no idea, Cyberland readers...Dinosaurs, birds, mummies - it is going to be great!

I think that sums up the happy part of the week. I really have no complaints about how quiet everything is. In fact, I think my only complaint is that it's supposed to snow this week. I really wish it would rain instead, but oh well. The sun is shining today, I'm having a pretty good day, and as said before, there is BBQ for lunch.

I hope you are all having a great afternoon. Go get something good for lunch.


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