Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Been a While, Hasn't It?

And even though it has been what feels like forever since I had anything of interest to blog about, this is going to be short cause it's after 10 and I have a bio test tomorrow... (I know, whoever heard of a teenager who goes to bed before midnight? Crazy!)

My absence from blogging can be directly related to the fact that I have had an increase of stress the past week or two. Mainly, this evil thing called "Finals". I really want to find the person who created that word and punch them in the flippin nose. I am not kidding. I am generally a non-violent individual, but finals drive me to the point of crazed frenzies not unlike that of a group of sharks smelling blood in their general vacinity. Yeah, it's that bad.

That being said, you would think I would actually study. But, uh, no. Apparently I do fit the sterotype of college kids not studying for tests. Because I'd rather be doing other things, like watching "Star Trek" and planning to take over the world. (You thought only crazy people did that? Ha. When I take over the world, it will prove that the nerds truly trump everyone. I don't know what I'm going to do when I take over the world, though - I haven't gotten that far yet...)

Um, so yeah. I have a major paper due next Tuesday that is still in the note taking stage, math homework in various stages of done-ness, and a bio test tomorrow that I'm pretty sure I'm going to do well on, but I can't think like that cause whenever I think I do well on something, I bomb it. (Murphy's law? Maybe...)

I think I'm going to change my major. No more Biology teaching. I'm looking more to primary education instead. Bring on the elementary kiddies.

Ok, that's all. I'm tired and want to go to bed. And I want to get everything done tomorrow so I can go to improv without feeling overwhelmed. Cause I feel so overwhelmed that I might just cry.

Thank goodness I have outlets. Sites I go to when I'm bored or stressed that I recommend? (MST3K related community, very very nice people), (Star Trek related community, nice people),, and to name a few. If you go to any like that and there's a birdgirl90, chances are that's me. I tend to be shy posting, but I love seeing what other people post....

Okay, I'll try to blog later, I really need to go to bed now. I seriously doubt any of this made sense anyway, so if you made it this far, I apologize for rambling and stuff.



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