Monday, May 2, 2011

Challenge Time

Today, I'm challenging mother nature. 

Oh yeah.  It's May 2nd, it's Colorado, and while there's talk of snow on the horizon, I'm doing the unthinkable.  I'm wearing my flip flops.

I don't know what it is about flip flops that I love so much.  Part of it is the ease of access with them - slip them on, slip them off; no hassle.  If I want to feel the grass between my toes, I just have to kick them off.  No socks required.  And I can show off my blue nail polish, too.

I think the other part, though, is what they represent.  Summer, warm weather, time with friends.  Relaxing and doing nothing.  Being mellow.  Anyone else get that vibe from flip flops?  Or sandals in general?  They are the ultimate relax shoe.

This is my last week of school.  I'm pretty happy about it for the most part.  I think the only thing I'm not excited about is not getting to see my friends on a regular basis.  But that's where summer and mutal effort come in, I suppose.

And then in the fall we get to start all over again.

On that note, enjoy your Monday, dear readers.


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