Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Fun.

Today, I go to the first graduation party of the season.  One of my sister's friends has graduated, so we are going to his party.  Next weekend is my sister's party.

I am amazed and so proud of these graduates.  They earned the title.  High school is not easy in the least; the fact that they have graduated is amazing.  Especially in a time when so many drop.

Rocky Horror Friday night was ok.  It was more fun waiting in line and hanging out than it was seeing the actual show.  Which is kind of sad, but true.  We've all decided we don't want to go back. 

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  So many people forget the real reason we celebrate the holiday.  It's to recognize and remember our Veterans for all they do. 

Now, we are having a BBQ tomorrow.  And my boyfriend is coming over.  And it will be fun.  But we also will remember the reason for the day.  It's important, you know.

And now I must fly.  There is a party to get to.


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