Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday = Rainy

And I have been battling a migraine for most of the day.  Joy.

But we need the rain and I like the rain, so I'm not really complaining.  I just wish my head would make up its mind.  Seriously. 

I went to see "Priest" last night with Trevor.  It was the first time I had seen a 3-D movie.  I am a proud wearer of prescription glasses, so I wasn't sure if the 3-D glasses would fit over my real ones or if it would even work for me. 

For all my readers who also wear glasses, there is good news.  The glasses fit without a hitch and I was able to enjoy the film with no problem.

The quality of the film was another matter entirely.

It wasn't terrible.  There were moments where it was really good and there were some cool action scenes.  But character developement was flat, the story felt like it had holes, and on the whole it felt like there was a lot missing.  It was still a blast, though. 

(I think it was the company I was with. =D)

Tomorrow is graduation Sunday up at our church.  My baby sister is graduating high school, so it's going to be monumental.  I am so proud of her; at the same time, I can't believe she's almost 18 and done with school.  Where did the time go?  I am blown away at how far she's come.  How far we've both come, actually.

And that's a little sentimental.  Let's leave with a happy, non-teary subject.

My headache is nearly gone.  The rain is nice.  And tomorrow is going to be a good day. 

Enjoy your Saturday, dear readers.


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