Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Has Begun.

My boyfriend, Trevor, is a gamer. 

He has like four different gaming systems at home, a hand held PS3 (I think that's what it is) that he takes with him places, and plays computer games.  His game collection is huge. 

I have nothing against this.  In fact, I think it's kind of awesome.

But I realized today that it has bled over onto me. 

Being the cool guy that he is, Trev decided to get us a Nintendo Gamecube.  It was used and he got a really great deal on it. (I did protest at first though, mainly because I'm not used to having people outside my family spend money on me.  I'm gradually getting used to the idea that he likes doing things like that and that it's ok because we are dating.  I know.  I'm an odd one, lol.) 

Katie and I have spent many dirt talking sessions playing Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. since we got it.  It is a lot of fun, even if I do get my tush whooped on most occasions.  We can be competitive, and he knew that, so it's perfect for us.

Then there's Minecraft.

Does anyone out there play Minecraft?  Because in the past three weeks I have become hopelessly adddicted to it.  It is that crazy fun.  It's just legos and digging and...smacking sheep.  I'm really enjoying it.

Which means that I am becoming a gamer. 

Oh well.  At least it's not drugs.  And with my super cute boyfriend helping me, I don't see how it can be a bad thing. =)

Happy Thursday, dear cyberland readers.  And go try Minecraft if you haven't already.


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