Monday, January 10, 2011

It Smells like Apples in Here...

..because I found my apple candle.

So today, dear readers, I decided it was time to clean.  I have like five or six boxes that I have yet to go through from when we moved to Colorado over five years ago.  I never wanted to deal with them or see what was inside them.

As far as I was concerned, I could burn them and be totally happy.

But then I got motivated today. 

I brought my violin into the bedroom and organized my music.  Then I decided to organize some boxes while I was at it.  The result?  I found a ton of candles, cleaned off my desk, recovered my incense sticks that I've had for forever, and made a comfier home for my instrument.

And now it smells like apples cause I'm burning my newly found apple candle.  It's a Wal-Mart candle (the front says 'MainStays' which is a Wal-Mart brand) called Warm Apple Pie.

It reminds me how much I love apple candles.  And really, just candles in general.

Mmmm.  I wish you could smell it.

I played my violin today for the first time in over five months.  I will never stop playing again.  As I played, I felt as if my soul were leaving through the notes.  I felt like I was truly breathing for the first time in years.  Even now, I feel great.

I will never be a professional, but I love it.  I forgot how much I love it, how much I need it.  It totally renewed me.

At this point, I feel I must offer you guys an apology for the abrupt blog last night.  I was doing fine until I wasn't, and at that point I was exhausted.  I swear, as soon as I left you guys I went to bed. 

Well, after I placed some movies on hold at the library.

But that's not the point.  The point is that I'm sorry for leaving you hanging.  I will do better in the future.  I promise it.

I'm really excited about the movies I put on hold.  All of them have Adrien Brody in them; he's my current favorite actor.  I had never heard about him until I saw "Predators" last summer (great movie, btw, I highly recommend it) and learned that he was in it. 

I watched "the Pianist" this weekend and it made me love him more as an actor.  The movie was brilliant.  It's about the Holocaust and is based on a real man's fight to survive in the face of opposition.  Another movie I completely recommend.  It was beautifully done.

So I put the new King Kong on hold, a movie called "the Singing Detective" which has a great cast including Robert Downy, Jr. and Katie Holmes and is about a novelist who writes detective novels, a war movie called "the Thin Red Line" which is about WWII from the American Army perspective, a film called "Hollywoodland" which is about the murder/ death of George Reeves, and a comdey with Owen Wilson called "the Darjeeling Limited" which is just going to be good. 

BTW, you should go watch the trailers for all of these or go see them.  They look great.

And that's my day thus far.  Oh, and I broke one of my mom's new mugs she bought before Christmas.  I felt bad about it, but she kind of laughed it off.  So I guess it's ok.

Until the next time, dear readers.


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