Monday, January 31, 2011

My School is Crazy.

All the other colleges and high schools are closed for tomorrow due to the below freezing temperatures.  Shoot, even some of the federal buildings are on delay.

But not my little community college.  Oh no.  We go to school come hell frozen over.

I think it's because I'm sick.  If I had really wanted to go to school, it would've closed.  But since I want another day to recoup, it's still open.  Which means, I'm taking my cold to school with me.

I have my speech for tomorrow all figured out.  I gave it to my family and they said it sounded good.  It's about my violin and myself, and the parallels between us.  It wasn't my original speech.  What happened was I showed my outline to a guy I know who teaches public speakign at another community college and who also wrote the criteria for the state wide credit.  He helped me come up with this new speech.

I love it.  I don't stammer with it, I get to play snippets on my instrument in front of a group who doesn't know me, and I feel confident.

If only the sniffles and congestion would leave.  I feel so miserable from it.  Today was better than yesterday, but I still didn't have a lot of energy.  Oh well.  It's good for me, I suppose.  I didn't get near the amount of homework done this weekend that I wanted and needed to.  Granted everything for tomorrow is done, but I had it all planned out - I was going to get ahead and enjoy my week.

Yeah, not so much.  Oh well.

So my parents bought a water filtration system.  I love it.  I'm very peculiar about my water.  If it smells odd or tastes weird, I won't drink it.  This system makes it odorless and tasteless. 


Which means I can drink water again.  It makes me so very happy.

I think that about sums it up.  Everyone here is still fighting stuff.  It's not fun.  The weather is icy and snowy.  My nose is red and chapped.  I've been fighting writer's block, but I'm going to take it out.  I swear.

Until the next time, guys.


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