Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Done with Winter.

This morning it was -32 degrees with wind chill.  Do you see that, readers?  -32 flippin' degrees.

All the schools in the area were closed.  Except for mine.  The one day I really needed a snow day and it was not coming.  What I ended up doing was emailing my professors; two classes I did not show for on the premise that I am sick (I emailed my homework in with the one, but as of now have yet to hear back), one class I went to for all of ten minutes.

That was my speech class.  For even though I feel like a cat run over by a mac truck and then dragged through the slush, I still had to give my introductory speech.  My professor was really cool about the whole thing, though.  She let me go first, thanked me for being there, and then let me leave as soon I was done. 

As said before, she's awesome.  She also gave everyone who showed up to class today extra credit (because it never got above 0 degrees), which is great.

I think my speech went really well, despite being sick.  I compared my violin to my life and took my violin in to show the class.  I played a few songs.  My instrument really helped me relax, because let's be honest: having something or someone you love with you is always a boost of moral support.  And my mom and sister were just down the hall.

(We figured that since I wasn't going to be very long, they would come in with me and sit at a table on the fourth floor until I was done.  It was a brilliant idea.)

I am so over this cold, both in reference to the weather and to my health.  My nose is so chapped that it hurts to breathe and even more to blow so that I can breathe.  I don't sleep well or a lot at night, mainly dozing both during the day and night.  My cough hurts, my ears itch.  It's breaking up.  It always gets worse before it gets better.  I figure it'll be gone by the weekend.

As for the weather, I hate this biting cold.  Everyone in my family is sick and it doesn't help any of us out.  It's painful going outside.  When you do go out, you have to have insane layers on.  I'm all for the happy medium here: jacket weather - not too hot, not too cold.  Preferably fall or spring without snow.

Yeah, that's what I'm dreaming of. 

I told you guys I'd be sick of snow and that wishing for cold weather was a fluke.  I told you.
I think that sums up today.  I'm really proud of myself for blogging every day this year so far.  I'm going to keep it up.

Until we meet again,


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