Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Jinxed Myself.

I got all excited because I thought it was going to rain (I mean, it was sprinkling a little, that has to count for something here) and then it didn't.  What a bummer.

And then I got a crappy night's sleep because of it.  Or maybe it was all the Dr. Pepper I consumed yesterday.  (I'm a college student and I'm officially addicted to caffine or however you spell it.  Coffee? Check.  Soda?  Oh yes.  Chocolate?  Are you kidding?  Of course!)

Whatever it was, I could not sleep last night to save my life.  It's like when you spend the night at a friends house and they have a loud furnace.  Now, you're used to having very little noise in your home, but because of your friend's furnace, their place makes a ton of noise.  So every little sound wakes you up through out the night.  It's like sleeping on pins and needles - you're just waiting for a noise to come on and wake you up by the end.

And then when you do get up, you feel like you haven't slept in over a week.  Your neck is stiff, your head is ringing, and yet you are oddly awake and ready to go.

That is how I feel this morning.  I really wanted to sleep until like nine, but it is not going to happen.  And now I have to face my day feeling like something the cat dragged in.  Blargh.

Oh, so you guys know how I updated my Myspace page?  It's something I do like every two or three years at this rate, right?  Well, now I keep getting friend requests from random people on there.  Seriously.  Complete strangers want to be my "friends" now. 

I don't mind if you guys want to be my friends, but let me know where you know me from.  It can be from here, or from school, or from when I lived in a different state, etc.  Just let me know.  Because if I don't know where you're coming from or why you want to be my "friend", I'm not going to accept the request.  It is just the way I am.

I have to write this rough draft for Thursday in my English class.  It's an argumentative paper, the one I'm doing on the holidays.  I have to have a working thesis for Tuesday.  I was thinking that I could just do the thesis today and then get the rough draft written on like, oh say, Wednesday. 

Yeah, at two in the morning I realized: that's not going to work.  In order to have a good, solid "working" thesis, I need to write the rough draft first.  Because, as with my History class last semester and with my Bio class the spring before, thesis statements change when you write the paper.

(This is why I prefer creative writing over normal English.  Yes, there are rules and guidelines, but you don't have to write thesis statements, abstracts, headings, and citations.  Citing drives me insane.  Thesis statements just confuse me.  And abstracts?  You tell the reader what you're going to tell them in the paper, then you tell them in the paper, and then you summarize what you just told them.  No thank you.  I'll stick to my character developement, thanks.)

Of course, realizing things at that time is a dangerous thing anyway.  Mainly because your mind is in a weird state of being.  Have you ever noticed that?  At odd hours in the morning, things that are stupid and lame seem hilarious.  Things that are normal seem terrifying.  It's amazing to me how the brain reacts.

Oh! And another thing I was thinking about at two or three or whatever time it was this morning: I get a new license this summer.

That's right.  I turn twenty one this July.  Which means several things. 

1. I'm getting older and my acne should, in theory, go away. (Whoever said it was a teenage condition should be shot.  Just saying.)

2. I'm going to be able to legally drink, gamble, sign a contract, and get my own apartment (if I was working and not in school).

3. My license will be sideways (horizontal) instead of up and down (vertical), which means my friends can't give me hard time any more about which way mine goes.  (Long story short, one of my "friends" came to me for relationship advice - which, why me I don't know, cause I've never dated anyone - and then told me she sometimes forgot I was younger than her by like two years.  The license thing came up; it was actually kind of funny at the time...)

4. I can get a better picture on my license.  I was 18 when I got my current license and the lady said something before she took the picture - I think it was "smile" or something along those lines.  I asked her what she said just as she took the picture.  So yeah.  My mouth is open and I look like a deer in the headlights.

It's rather exciting.  I got my current license on Halloween back in 2008, cause I'm awesome like that.  This time, I have to get it before the middle of August, cause it expires a month after my birthday.  Oddly enough, my sister is going to be 18 this spring.  That freaks me out a little.  She's my younger sister; I want to know where the time went.

Oh well.  It's an adventure, isn't it?  Life.  I'm trying to be more positive, more happy, more optimistic.  I think I'm getting there.  Although, I did spent part of this weekend toying with the idea of skipping English class on Tuesday and instead just wasting time until my Psychology class.

Did I tell you guys about the crappy group experience I had on Thursday?  I'll spare the details cause it's over and done, but the gist of it was that my group didn't want to work.  I ended up typing the assignment up and as I was doing so, one of the girls in particular kept nit picking at my stuff.  It was awful.  Honestly, I don't care for group work to begin with.  I would much rather just do it myself.

But I won't skip.  I won't go in late.  I'll step up to the plate and take it like a woman.   Besides, what can they honestly do to me?  Nothing. 

Ok, I'm getting off.  I need to get this day snowballing.  Homework, going out with my friend, and I think I'm supposed to call the skating rink to get info for lessons.  Wish me luck!

Until the next time, dear readers.


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