Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday.

Monday is that day of the week that gets a bad rap.  The work week starts up again; the school week is either starting or (in my case) about to.  It's the day no one wants to get out of bed.  No one wants to do anything, really.

Myself included.

I have school tomorrow.  I do not have my homework done yet.  Skipping my first class is sounding more and more tempting.  It's a great thing, being able to go to school.  Skipping only hurts myself.  But it sounds so nice.  I could use that time to write my paper for Thursday.  Or to just catch up on some reading.

I was really good last semester.  I only missed one lecture in my History class and one class in Creative Writing I.  Both were because I was stuck at the doctor's office with some sort of lung thing.  I went to school sick on mulitple occasions because I knew I would struggle more if I missed class, especially that History class.  (I'm still amazed and pleased I passed it with an A and that the instructor remembers me...) 

Music class I missed more than I probably should have.  He didn't count attendence as part of the grade and the class was boring-ish.  So I skipped probably about four times; one of those times was when I was sick and at the doctor's, so I'm not sure it counts.  And I still made an A in the class.

Who am I kidding here?  It's my money I waste by not going to class.  I'll end up going tomorrow.  I'll get the homework done at some point between now and then.  I almost always do.

I had a horrible migraine today.  I haven't had one that bad in a while - two Alieve liquid gels, an ice pack, and laying down with the covers over my head for an hour.  I still feel a little weird from it.  Migraines always make me feel washed out afterwards; they drain a lot of energy.  It's crazy.

My cricket story is still progressing nicely.  I think I'll finish writing it when I'm done updating here.  I'm pretty pleased so far with all of my writing projects.  I like seeing myself progress as a writer; seeing my characters grow is nice, too.

Still haven't heard back about that writing contest I entered.  I think that if I don't win, then I'll write something else and enter another one in the fall.  It would still be cool to be published nationally, though.  That's more or less why I want to win.  Not for the money, not for the recognition, but for the exposure.  It would be amazing to be able to get my foot in the door in such a competitive market.

I think that's going to be all for now, guys and gals.  I'm still feeling a bit out of it.  I'll update again later.

Happy Monday.


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