Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's 10:53 PM My Time...

...which means that no matter what this blog time thing may say or what zone you are in, this is the update for Feb. 3, 2011.

(I'm determined to do this.  A new blog each day for a whole flippin year.  So far, so good.)

I got my feedback and critiques back for the speech that I gave on Tuesday.  I was four seconds short on time.  If I had gotten those four seconds, I would've aced the speech.

That's right.  I would have gotten full points.

So it's going to be ok.  This class is going to be ok.  Giving speeches is not going to kill me.

Also, you guys remember how I was having all that heartburn trouble and the doctor gave me some pills to try? (That sounded wrong, but I don't care.)  Well I am happy to report that they work.  I have been heartburn free since I started taking them.  I can not tell you how nice it is to be able to eat whatever I want without having to down a bottle of Tums with it. 

It is freaking amazing.  No heartburn at all.

The only side effect that is driving me nuts is dizziness.  I only feel it when I'm extremely tired (as in, sleeping hardly at all or about to fall asleep) or this past week from being sick.  I had no idea being sick made such a difference, but it totally does.  I got so dizzy in speech class today from the combination of pushing myself, the heat of the building, and my medication.

It's a side effect I will take gladly.  I would much rather be heartburn free.  And, as said before, it's not like I feel it all the time.  Just when I'm massively sick or overly tired.  I'll take it.

I wrote a poem for my creative writing II class.  It's a narrative poem written from my point of view.  I wrote about being sick and tied it in with the Bubonic plague.  I have no idea where the plague idea came from, but it came from somewhere and wedged itself into my poem.  For good or for ill?  Only time shall reveal the answer.

I forgot how much I love creative non-fiction.  Maybe I'm a combination essay writer and short-story author.  I don't know.  I hate being up on the fence about two things that I love.  At the moment, though, creative non-fiction is winning out.

Still don't know about the contest I entered.  I think I should know soon though.  I'm still kind of hoping to win, but there is so much good talent here; it's kind of intimidating.  But if I don't win, that's totally cool too.  It just means I enter another one down the road.

Also, I saw three owls tonight.  It totally gives me hope for things to come.  All three were Great Horned Owls, two male and one female.   (You can tell by the size; the female is huge compared to the males.)  All I have to do is keep praying, trusting, and living the life that I enjoy.  At the moment that includes going to school and living at home.  Things are going to be good.

And on that note, I'm going to leave you.  It is now 11:05 PM. 

Until the next time,


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