Monday, February 28, 2011


Turns out, my paper does not have a happy window of "three to five" pages.  It's just five straight pages.  Plus my source page.  Not huge on the scale of things - my History paper last semester was ten to twelve pages plus sources, end notes, and a cover page - but I don't like having a window.

Mainly because I'm not entirely convinced I'm going to have five full pages by tomorrow.  The nice thing is that tomorrow is the rough draft, so my instructor won't dock my points as long as I bring something in.  But I need to have the full five pages together by Thursday.

So that means I'm either going to have to analyze one of my sources more, or see if I can use a third source. 

Fun stuff.

My creative writing paper is due Thursday as well.  It's the one about the crickets.  I need to revise it massively, especially towards the end.  I feel like I rushed it.  I want it to have a polished feel instead of a rushed one.

I have a mid term on Thursday, too.  That's exciting.  It's in my Public Speaking class - mulitple choice and true false.  I think I can handle this.  We've been studying for it in class the past two class periods.  I think I'll do fine.

Break is going to be nice.  I don't know what I'm going to do over it, but I'm looking forward to it.

My sister is still sick.  It's kind of a bummer.  She's low on energy and out of the loop.  I've gone around and wiped down the door knobs with Clorox wipes in order to not spread it again.  My computer got a sanitizer run-down as well.

I think that really is about all that is going on right now.  It's sunny and warm outside, and it's going to be nice tomorrow, too.  I like the warmer weather.  It's beautiful.

Until we meet again, readers, enjoy your day.


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