Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Lord.

The neighbor's dog decided to have a seizure this morning.  It was honestly the most terrifying thing I've witnessed.

I'm watching the son and dog this weekend.  There was a ton of snow outside but it was also nice and warm, so I decided we were all going to go outside and play.  It was a blast - the son (I'm not going to name him for safety reasons) and I took turns throwing snow balls at Flash (the dog), he dug holes in the snow with his little shovel, and Flash just had a great time eating all the snow and doing her business.

My happy thought?  Oh good, maybe they'll get tired and be settled for the rest of the day.

We were on our way back to the apartment when the six year old decided to build a "snow chair".  Basically, he just wanted an excuse to sit in the snow.  I decided it would be ok. Flash was next to me looking at the snow.  She ran into me as she scratched her ear, which was kind of weird because a.) she never obsessively scratches to the point of physically moving her sitting place and b.) she usually gages distances better; i.e. she's never run into me while scratching before.

I looked down at her and she looked at me with this look of uncomfort.  I looked back over at the boy.  The next thing I knew, Flash had thrown - not casually fallen, not laid down, not tripped, but had actually THROWN - herself nose first onto the sidewalk.  Her whole body went rigid, and then started shaking and twitching.  Her head was at an odd angle and her eyes were not right at all. 

And then she went totally still.  I thought she had died.

The boy saw her and, being young enough to not comprehend things like that, asked, "Is Flash having fun playing on the ice and snow?"

"Yes," I said, wide eyed, trying not to panic.  "Why don't you go play in that snow over there?"

Being excited to be the first person to touch that patch of snow, he eagerly scurried off.  Once he was out of ear shot, I did the only thing that made sense.  I called my mom.

By this time, Flash had gotten up off the ground, proving she wasn't dead.  She was, however, extremely disoriented and nearly fell a few times trying to regain her balance.  As my mom coached me through it, reassuring me and telling me she would be there soon (because she dropped everything to come make sure that I was ok and that the dog was ok - best mom ever, I might add), Flash laid down in the snow.

I hung up, got the three of us inside, and sent the boy to go change his clothes.  Flash was acting back like her normal self; I watched her as I called the appropriate number to reach my neighbor.  I left a message with her sergant.  Mom came over and calmed me down.

Now, on top of this, I've also had the son giving me smack all weekend.  It's not been terrible, but I've had to repeat myself multiple times.  His mom is going to get an ear full tomorrow.

Have I earned my pay?  Hell yes.  When this weekend is over, I'm getting my hair done and maybe my nails, too.

I'm exhausted.

Until the next time,


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