Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Day in the Life.

Happy Wedensday, guys!  The week is half over.  Can you believe it?  February is half over as well.  Time flies, it seems.

I am feeling pretty good today.  It's going to be a great day.  I can feel it.

I found a gift certificate one of the moms from Sylvan had given me last year.  It's for a nail salon and expires on Sunday.  So Katie and I are going to go and get our nails done this afternoon.  It's going to be a load of fun.  I'm really excited.  Spending time with her is so great - it gives us a chance to catch up and relax.  Then we're going to go to Baskin Robbins afterwards.

Before that, though, I have to get some homework done.  I need to re-write one piece for tomorrow night and I need to find two sources for my English paper to bring to class tomorrow morning.  Not that hard, actually.  Just a little time consuming.  It should be fun, though.  I'm writing about how the holidays are too commercialized and that because of that, no one remembers the real reason for them.  It's kind of an interesting topic.  I should find some good sources.

My English teacher is actually really cool.  She's letting us use other materials for our project.  One source has to be a scholarly essay, article, etc.  The other, though, has complete free range.  We can use movies, commercials, TV shows, music, poetry, etc.

I have the perfect commercial for my project, provided I can find it online.  It's for a car and came out around last Christmas.  It says "No one ever wished for a smaller present."  I feel that kind of hits the core of what I'm doing.  That's not what the holidays are for.

I'm working on a chapter book.  It's going to be for young adults and it follows my character from the piece I wrote last semester that I entered into the contest.  I want to see her life unfold.  I want to watch her progress.  Plus, it makes for a great portfolio piece this semester. 

I was going to write a series of essays about my dad and I, but this one is more fun right now.  It has to be something we love and are passionate about.  I love my dad, but I really want to see this story through to the end.  I think this character deserves it.

And that is today's blog.  I will keep you posted on things if and when they change. (Such as boys, school, the contest, life, etc.)

Have a wonderful day, readers.


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