Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things I Found in My Purse...

~ My inhaler

~ A bottle of Summer Vanillas body lotion from Bath and Body Works in Lemon

~ A bottle of Aleve liquid gels

~ A playing card from when I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show last Halloween (five of clubs)

~ My key ring complete with apartment key, library card, King Soopers card, flashlight, and owl jesses/anklets

~ Two caramel apple suckers from last Halloween (I'll eat them later...)

~ A mini lipgloss from Claire's in a shade of gold

~ A tube of Magic Gloss from Fantasy Makers in Just Bitten that I got from K-Mart around Halloween

~ A pair of nail clippers

~ No less than five ball point pens, size medium, with black ink

~ My camera

~ A broken flash drive (why I'm carrying that one when I have a good one is beyond me)

~ My iPod classic 160 GB in silver

~ A partially empty pack of Fruit Stripes gum, each stick wrapped but dumped out of the package

~ HandiBac spray sanitizer from Bath and Body Works in Sea Island Cotton

~ An orange sucker from the bank

~ Two rolls of Butter Rum Lifesavers from Christmas

~ Two rolls of Wild Cherry Lifesavers from Christmas

~ Three rolls of Assorted Lifesavers from Christmas

~ A light blue clicky pen from fall semester

~ The wall charger for my iPod

~ The car charger for my iPod

~ Half a bag of Halls Vitamin C drops from when I had my cold over the week of Christmas

~ My (empty) pink and black coin purse from Hot Topic that I got for the RHPS

~ My (very full) green wallet filled with my license,  my Student I.D., a receipt for my school books that I bought for spring semester, various cards (gift and discount), and a total of seven dollars

~ An AMC movie card with $1.17 left on it

~ Emergency protection of my choice(women, you know what I'm referring to)

~ My pill

~ Innumerable receipts, wrappers, and papers

I think it may be time to clean out my purse.  Yes, I think it may seriously be time.

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