Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Middle of the Week.

I slept for a full night last night.  No random waking up.  No random nightmares.  No random stresses.  I woke up on my own a full 45 minutes before my alarm went off.  So naturally, I allowed myself to stay in bed for as long as possible.

If this could happen every night, I would be incredibly happy. :)

So today is Wednesday.  It's overcast outside, leaving me hopeful that we might get a nice spring storm.  I have a full day ahead of me: homework, out with a friend I haven't seen pretty much since the semester started, and then more homework.  But it's going to be a good day.

I just know it.

My neighbor's dog didn't die on me this weekend.  In fact, we had no problems whatsoever.  I was very happy about that.  She's a crazy dog, but I love her to pieces and it would have killed me if something had happened.  Proof that God was looking out for me.

I made it through my psychology presentation yesterday with minimal mess ups.  I did trip and stumble part way through and had to take a moment to recoup.  But I'm pretty sure I was the only one who noticed.  I got a really good grade on it, too.

Now I just need to actually learn my part for my group speech.  I tripped over it yesterday as we rehearsed it; while my group members told me I did fine, I know I can do better.  So practice is in order. 

I need to finish revising my novel chapter for next week.  I'm not entirely sure of all the changes I'm going to make, but I feel like the revision is off to a good start.  Hopefully I can get some helpful feedback next week before I have to turn in the final project.  I also need to get my peer reviews done for tomorrow.  I'm thinking that those should probably be priority for the time being...

My project for English needs to get done too.  I have rough drafts due next week that I have no idea what I'm doing on.  I think I'm just going to wing them and see what happens.  (And by wing them, I mean work on them this weekend amidst everything else.)

I can't believe Easter is Sunday!  Where has this year gone?  It's crazy how time flies.  This weekend is going to be extremely busy.  We're ringing handbells for Easter, which means practice on Saturday and then an early call time on Sunday.  But it's totally going to be worth it.  I love ringing for Easter.

I love Easter in general, actually.  As a Christian, it's the most important holiday on the calendar.  If Judas hadn't betrayed Jesus, and if Jesus hadn't died, and then if He hadn't risen on the third day, there would be no Christian faith.  I think it's a beautiful thing, having a God who loves us so much that He sends His Son to die for us. 

It's the concept of grace.  I think I finally figured it out, too.  At least in my own head.  I believe that grace is God looking at us, seeing what we've had to do in dire times, and loving us the same.

I'll write more later; breakfast now. :D


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