Friday, April 1, 2011

Well, That's Not Good.

So, I've had a number of blood tests done in the past month.

A few were from my stint in the ER.  While I got away pretty much Scott-free there, it brought up some concerns with my regular doctor.  My liver enzymes were higher than they should have been.

I stopped taking a certain medicine and went in for more blood tests.

Today I got the results back.  I am pleased to say that I am a healthy, happy 20 and a half year old young woman.

With one exception.

The liver enzymes, which were supposed to go down, sky rocketed.

They aren't at levels that are massively concerning, but something is definitly going on.  So now I have to go get more blood work done this week.

My doctor thinks that it's possible that either the medicine did more harm than good and my body was just over compensating for it or that I have mono.  Mono would fit because I was so sick last semester and I have a constant sore throat right now; but where and how I would've caught it is a mystery to me.  I don't share food with people typically.  I'm very particular about my hygiene.

I've never kissed any one.


So if it turns out that it's not either of those options, then I get to go see a GI specialist.  Joy.

I'll keep everyone posted on this turn of events.

In good news, my public speaking instructor has a good sense of humor and gave me an A on my speech about zombies.  That's a relief.  I think it was seriously the most fun giving a speech that I've had since the semester started.

Sadly, the next speech isn't going to be like that.  It's a persuasive speech and I'm talking about a fairly serious topic.

But the group speech is going to be awesome.  We're doing an award show and are dressing up for it.  I get to be the presentor.  Very exciting. =D

I'll keep you guys posted on everything.


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