Friday, April 22, 2011

More Job Applications

It's starting to feel like they all look alike.  Social security number, license number, date of birth, address, may we contact your employer?

So far, I've filled out applications for Borders (personal dream of mine, working in a bookstore), Michaels (because I buy more yarn than anyone I know), Home Depot (I collect paint chips from the paint section and love the garden part), and now Whole Foods (because I can run a cash register for eight hours straight).

Someone's got to call me back at some point, right?  I mean, I am pretty marketable.  I was a manager when I left Bagel Hell.  I held my Sylvan job for two years.  I have great people skills.  I learn quickly.

I think the goal is to just keep filling out the applications until someone calls.  Next on my list are Hobby Lobby, Target, Payless Shoes, Hot Topic, and the Tattered Cover.  I'm trying to keep it to places where I actually want to work. 

In other words, no food service.

I know, I know.  Food service isn't bad.  In fact, I think that if you have a great boss and team members, it probably can be a lot of fun.  But let me refresh you on how I spent last summer: getting up at 3 in the morning, dealing with a boss who complained about everyone, having a co-worker who thought he was God's gift to women and that we were all going to hell because of our individual beliefs, having another co-worker who could only ever talk about how much she hated the place, customers who think you owe them the world, an AC that almost always went out while the ovens were on, and having food that was hardly ever at proper temperature. 

(These are all reasons I don't eat at that particular store.  Especially the smoked salmon.  Never, ever eat the smoked salmon.  Or the pastrami.  Thinking about it now still makes me sick.)

No, thanks.  I'm good.  I don't care that I was a manager when I left.  You can not pay me enough to do food service again.

I wouldn't mind running a register or bagging groceries somewhere, though.  Yeah, it can be a lot of tedious work, but it's also fast paced and fun to a degree.  I can answer phones, too.  I'm good at that.

So as I'm filling out these applications, I'm realizing something massively important.  When I graduate, I'm going to have to actually create a resume.  It sounds scary just because it means that I'm finally hitting that point where I'm going to have to become a functioning member of society and do something with my life. 

Do I want to go ahead to the four year school and get a teaching degree?  Or do I want to call it quits with my writing degree and get a full time job like originally planned?  If I go with the first option, I'll get to stay in school longer; if I go with the second option, I can get the apartment with my sister like we've been talking about.

I don't know what I'm going to do.  I can't think about it right now.  The stress is making me sick.

I got so sick at school yesterday.  I didn't make it to my last class; instead, I went home and slept.  And then I slept the whole night until about 4 am this morning when I realized that my alarm was still set to go off at 6.  I turned it off and went back to sleep.  I had a faint memory of a dream where some voice called me beautiful (I know, it's weird) and then I woke up with Bruno Mars stuck in my head.

I'm feeling better today, but I still don't feel at 100% functionality yet.   I get sick about twice a semester, so I guess it was time.  I think I just over did it this week: late nights with homework, going out, stress, etc.  Quedoba didn't help any, either.  If I ever tell anyone that I want Quedoba, slap me.  I don't mean it.

And now I have homework that I need to be doing.  My massive project for English Comp is due this week; I'm creating a new blog and then writing a paper analyzing it.  That should be fun.  Still need to revise my novel chapter; still have no idea what I'm doing.  But it'll work out.  It always does.

Oh! And I finally memorized my portion of my speech.  I just about did a happy dance.

Until tomorrow,


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