Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today is a Good Day.

I think my new medicine is kicking in.  Things didn't bother me as much at school as they would have two weeks ago.  I feelt like I am starting to be able to handle life again.

My friend Emily and I went over to Baja Fresh for lunch today.  It was the first time I went over there and it was pretty good.  We had a good time talking.  You know, girl time.  Plus the food was tasty.

Of course, when I got back to school I discovered that it was free food day.  That's my luck most of the time where free food is concerned.  But the tacos were totally worth it.

I didn't have to give my psychology presentation today.  We ran out of time.  The beauty of this is that I can now add to my powerpoint to make it even better.  I'm pretty happy about that.

Oh, and I met a boy at school who seems to value me for my intellect.  It's kind of nice being seen and accepted for who I am.  He's a nice, funny, odd guy, too.  And he reads.  I would have never gotten to known him if he wasn't in my group for speech class.  It makes my day a little happier.

And on that note, I'm off to the chaos of the rest of my Tuesday.

Until we meet again, dear readers.


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