Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Countdown Time.

I give my speech in an hour and a half.  (Yeah, I'm at school.  Which, interestingly enough, has somewhat slow internet.  Petty complaint is petty.)

I'm a little nervous.  But at the same time, I'm also freaking excited.  How many people get to say that they've given an informative speech on the Zombie Apocalypse for school??  Not many.  Not many at all.

The one thing I've really noticed from this speech is that my desire to watch horror films has gone through the roof.  I think I may cave this weekend and have a zombie flick marathon.  We'll see what I can get from the library. 

There were a few things I was thinking about earlier that I wanted to blog about, but I can honestly not remember it right now.  I think I'm more or less just killing time. 

If I remember it, I'll come back and blog some more.

Wish me luck on my speech!


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