Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music Challenge Day 23: A Song You Want Played at Your Wedding.

Funny story, actually.  While most girls in high school were planning their perfect proms and weddings, I was off on my own planning the details of my funeral. 

Yeah, you read that right.  I had all the details down to a near science: how I wanted the casket to be done, what I wanted my tombstone to look like, etc.

I had issues in high school, to say the least.

But don't worry, cause times change and people change.  I am living example of that.  Instead of wishing I had died before I turned 18, I'm looking forward to a long life.  I want to grow and change and get older and yes.  I want to get married.

So even though I started later than most of my peers, I too have my dream wedding planned out.

Maybe it's been too many episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress".  Maybe it's too much wedding talk among my friends who are in relationships.  Maybe I've just hit that point where I'm finally coming into that stage of womanhood, I really don't know.

But for whatever it is, I have it figured out.  Kind of.

Here's the song I want played at my wedding.  I plan on walking down the aisle to it.


"Just Like Heaven" by the Cure, the Vitamin String Quartet version.

I love the Cure.  I happen to think that they are one of the better things to come out of that era known as "the 80's".  "Just Like Heaven" is possibly my favorite song by them and a close runner up as my favorite song of all time. 

Now, a wedding is a long way off.  As of now, I'm single.  I don't know when a relationship will come my way, but that's kind of the beauty of life: not knowing the way things are going to play out.  But when it does come, I've got the wedding song all figured out.


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