Sunday, March 27, 2011


All my homework for Tuesday is done.  It is an amazing thing.

I went out with two of my friends this weekend, which was awesome.  I needed some girl time; it was well earned.  No details will be given here, though, because I'm fried and do not feel like it.  Oh yeah, I'm one of those people.

My zombie speech is ready to go.  By popular demand of various friends and forum members, I'm going to try to have one of my classmates film it on my camera.  Provided all goes well, it will be up on youtube before the week is over.

Although, why anyone would want to watch footage of me, I have no idea.  I sound like a four year old on video and talk really fast and really loud when I'm nervous.  (Or do the complete opposite and clam up, but it's public speaking, so that won't happen...)

I'm starting to feel nervous about it.  Very nervous about it.  Speeches are scary, no matter what they're on.  But hey.  I want to survive the zombies and I want others to survive them as well, so it's well worth it.

Hopefully I can make it through with a straight face.

Oh, so you guys know how I was kind of concerned about wildfires last week? 

Yeah.  There's one fairly close to us now.  My mom and sister went to get my dad from his second job and got turned away because the road they normally take was closed.  As far as I can tell, crews have it under control and it's going to take a lot for it to get us evacuated. 

But still.  Scary stuff. 

On top of it, my mom was asking me this morning what I would take should we be evacuated.

I happen to have a list:

~ My stuffed rabbit and dog. (Yes, I'm nearly 21 and still sleep with stuffed animals; if this bothers you, get over it.)

~ My violin, because that really is priceless and even though I don't play it very often, I still love it.

~ My computer, because most of my stories and important things that I've written or worked on are saved on it.  (Although, I could back them all up to my flash drive and just save my flash drive...)

~ Various notebooks and journals, all filled with random snippets that would make great stories down the road.

~ My knitting, cause I've been working on that needle collection for years now.

I think those are the most pressing things.  I have a dresser drawer full of "memories" that I might grab if I get the chance.  But really, I just want my family to be safe.  People can't be replaced and I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to anyone I love.

I would go crazy.  I know that much.

Oh, that's such a happy, uplifting topic.  Not.

Let's leave on a happy note.  I had a cupcake with my lunch today.  That's happy.  And rocking out with really loud music and friends are happy things.  How bout some rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns?

Everyone about to puke rainbows from the overflow of sickeningly sweet thoughts?


Enjoy the rest of your weekend, cyberland readers.


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