Friday, March 25, 2011

Zombies Don't Stand a Chance.

Or rather, my speech for public speaking is ready.

I think this is actually the high light of my school week next week.  How sad is that?  But I'm just so excited to inform the class on what to do during the Zombie Apocalypse.  (Don't scoff, non believers.  Do you know how the world's going to end?  I didn't think so.  Be open minded.)

I even made a power point slide (via Open Office) to go with it.  I tried to keep the graphic levels of the pictures at a minimum.  Lots of "Night of the Living Dead" in there.  I need to work on the wording a bit and then give it to my family; they are, after all, the ones I practice on.  Then we should be good to go.

This is going to be a fairly busy weekend.  I'm going out with one of my friends tomorrow, then I'm going out with a different one on Sunday.  I'm excited.  I think I've earned some girl time out this semester. 

I had to get some blood work done this morning.  That was exciting.  See, the new doctor we've started going to was concerned about one of the medications I'm on.  So she took me off of it and told me to get some blood work done after a few weeks.  Then she's going to figure out a better medication to put me on.

Well in the two or three weeks I've been off it, I've had migraines and mood swings like you would not believe.  I do not feel like a happy camper most of the time here.  So I'm happy to have the blood work done if it means I can get on something else to regulate me out.

But being pricked kinda sucks.  It was just a few weeks ago that I was in the ER where they poked both arms (and exploded a vein in one of them) for blood work and whatnot.  I shouldn't complain, cause my mom gets her blood work done every three months or so, but I still hate it.

 I think it's a lot like giving presentations: the anticipation is worse than the actual act.  When I think about getting blood work done, I get that queasy feeling in my stomach.  Actually getting stabbed and sucked for all I'm worth (I wonder if that sounds as bad as I think it does...) doesn't bother me that much.  As long as I don't look.  Looking is terrible.

Tonight is our family night out.  I'm excited cause we're going for BBQ.  Now, I know I've ranted about BBQ on here before, but it's been a while so I'm going to do it again.

I am from south of St. Louis.  I grew up on really great St. Louis style ribs.  My parents are from around the KC area and lived in Memphis for a while too, so they made sure my sister and I were also exposed to the great BBQ of those areas.

We moved to Colorado in 2005 (around the time I turned 15) and for some reason expected the BBQ out here to be really good.

Yeah.  Right.

Don't get me wrong, Colorado has some really great food.  I mean, the Mexican stuff out here is amazing.  But they don't do so great in the world of BBQ.  Very few places out here know how to do a pulled sandwich Memphis style (where you put cole slaw on the sandwich); even fewer know a good brisket.

As the years have progressed, though, we've found some places that do a decent job.  One we recently discovered is called Rib City.  I think it's the best BBQ I've had since we moved out here, I really do.  They are based out of Florida, so they don't do a lot of things (like Memphis style or burnt ends) but they are really good with everything else. 

The downside is that they are really expensive.  So we've only eaten there once and aren't sure when we'll go back.

The other place that has pretty good BBQ is called Dickey's.  I really like Dickey's, mainly cause they have really good beef brisket.  Brisket is a staple of BBQ and to find a "fast food" place that does it well is impressive.  Plus the atmosphere is neat.  It always makes me want to become a cow girl.

So that's probably where we're going tonight.  Good times. 

I love spending time with my family.  It feels like it's so rare for all four of us to be able to sit down and enjoy some time together.  I think it's only going to get harder as the time progresses, as well.  Especially since Katie and I are talking about getting our own place in a few years.

I'm starting to think about summer jobs.  Part of me really doesn't want to get a job, but I don't really want to go to school over the summer either.  Maybe I'll get a job working at Target or King Soopers.  Retail, not food.  I am scared to go back into the food industry. 

Yes, I know.  They aren't all bad like Bagel Hell was.  But I'm just not ready to go back to smelling like something edible every day I come home.  I'm not ready to go back to cleaning bathrooms and trying to keep the soda machine filled with ice.

Put me on a register and let me interact with the people.  That I can do.  Smile?  Oh yeah.  Conversations while ringing people out?  You bet.  I love that sort of thing. 

Oh, and no kahki pants.  I hate those so much.  So, so much.  I would much rather wear black pants, and even then I'm not really comfortable outside of my blue jeans.

Ah, things to consider.

And on that note, I'm off to revise my speech.


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