Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Yelled at a Goose Today.

Yeah.  You totally read that right.

I - a rational, intelligent young woman of twenty - yelled at a goose today.

Several geese, actually.

The school campus is flooded with them.  They spy on us, the humans.  They drop their little "presents" wherever they want.  And they think they own the place.  As one of my friends today so eloquently put it: "The geese have it coming."

I went to McDonald's to grab lunch with one of my friends today because it was such a nice day and I wanted off campus for a while.  Walking back, these geese crossed in front of us, staring us down.  One of them hissed.

I did something I am both embarrassed and kind of pleased about.

I gave the goose a piece of my mind.

"What?!" I practically shouted.  "What do you want, goose?? Huh?  What did I do to you??"

The goose looked at me, looked at my lunch in a bag, and proceeded to cross the sidewalk to feast upon the yellowing grass on the other side.

"That's what I thought," I mumbled.  My friend was in stitches.

So then my other friend, the one who made the comment about the geese asking for it, and I went outside after I took a midterm.  We both had time to kill before our next class and it was still beautiful, so it made sense. 

On our way in, I had another stare down with a different goose.  It backed down first.  I felt awesome.

I think this only ties in epicness with me nearly getting hit by a bicyclist on Tuesday.  (I was crossing the road, he wasn't paying attention.  An extra half a second and it would've been baaad...)

Thank God for break.  No geese, no boys, little homework, and lots of sleeping in.  No tests, no teachers, no in-class group work, no cafeteria food.

I'm a little excited about this, can you tell?

And now, I'm off to enjoy dinner.


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