Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Challenge Day 18: A Song You Wish You Heard on the Radio

Here's an interesting fact about me: I don't listen to the radio all that much.  I like my internet radio (thank you, Pandora, for making homework a bit more managable); but for car rides, I am the master of the mixed CD. 

Oh yeah.  You kids with your fancy smancy cords that let you hook up your iPods to your stereo systems have no idea what you are missing.  Mixed CDs are a blast.  It's like a memory in a disk.


(I find a lot of my music through commercials, movie trailers, and the library.  You know, in case anyone was actually curious.)

So as for a song I wish I hear on the radio, the answer was not obvious.

That is, until it was.

"Grapevine Fires" by Death Cab for Cutie is possibly my favorite track off of the Narrow Stairs album.  Yeah, it's kind of a bummer song.  I mean, he's singing about how everything is going up in flames.  But I love it.  It's soothing to me. 

(Plus, I want to use it in a movie trailer.  It's a cracked, half-baked idea I'm working on; I'm going to write the novel first and then the screen play.)

They never play (or played) it on the radio.  I only found it because I went on iTunes to get the track they did play all the time on the radio ("I Will Possess Your Heart") and decided to listen to a few of the other tracks listed. 

Seriously, radio stations.  Play more variety.

Oh, and it is kind of appropriate too. After all, this is fire season in Colorado.

What do you wish they played on the radio?


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