Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Middle of the Week.

I'm re-writing my English paper.  I realized I did the assignment totally wrong.  I thought it would be painful to re-write it, but it's actually not.  I'm a lot happier with what's coming out now than with what I initally wrote.  And it looks like I'm actually going to make the page requirement.

Spring break is around the corner.  It's exciting.  The weather is warm, my attention span is shot, and I'm ready to do nothing for a whole week.

Although, I'll probably get caught up on homework over break.  Maybe try to get ahead.  That would be nice, lol.

I'm re-writing part of my cricket story, too.  Still not loving it, but I like it better than I did.  At least I'll have something to turn in tomorrow.  That's always the goal: even if it's bad, it's better to turn it in and at least try rather than give up altogether.

I feel like I want to do something today, but I'm not sure what.  Maybe I'll go for a bike ride or a walk.  It's really nice outside so I feel like I should take advantage of it.

I woke up feeling really hopeful today.  I don't have a clue as to what is going to happen, but I really do feel like I'm finally on the path God wants me to be on.  It's encouraging.  I feel like good things are going to befall me the rest of the semester.  It makes me feel optimistic.

Tonight, my guilty pleasure show is on: America's Next Top Model.  Normally I'm really into shows like CSI and Bones.  But I love Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model.  Sometimes when I'm in an aisle at the grocery store by myself, I practice my model walk.  It's silly, but the show makes me realize how beautiful we all are, inside and out.

Maybe that's why I have such a preoccupation with Beauty and the Beast.  She, Beauty (or Belle, etc.), is this really strong heroine who sees things and people for what and who they are.  She doesn't take crap from anyone, doesn't wait around for a prince to come save her from her life, and won't change who she is for anyone.  She's smart, funny, and well read.

The Beast (I don't know if he has a name in any of the versions) is this horribly selfish person who learns from Beauty and begins to grow as a character.  She can see beyond his awful shell; likewise, he respects her for who she is and doesn't ask her to give up who she is.

It is both empowering and beautiful.

(I think I know what I'm watching over break...)

Ahh.  I need to go finish my papers.  Yay for the middle of the week, right?

Enjoy your day, dear readers.


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