Saturday, March 19, 2011

Music Challenge Day 13: A Song That is a Guilty Pleasure

"Beauty and the Beast" is my favorite movie. 

It has so many wonderful elements in it.  First of all, Disney did a beautiful job animating it: the stained glass in the beginning, the colors throughout, the way the facial expressions on all the characters is so fitting.  It has always appealed to me in that respect.

Second of all, how many princess movies do you see where the heroine actually is well educated and well read?  I'm not saying Ariel or Cinderella aren't smart girls; it's just that Belle always has a book in her hand.  She has mastered the walk-while-reading manuver (once you get the hang of it, it's actually really fun to do).  Plus, she has a wide vocabulary - she insults Gaston in the first part of the movie and he doesn't pick up on it.  (She calls him "primeval", which is like calling him a chauvanistic pig.  I laughed once I figured it out.)

Third of all, the resounding theme of love being more than skin deep is a wonderful message.  I have always thought that while you can't escape appearances, you shouldn't be motivated by them.  I would much rather be smart that drop dead beautiful.  I kind of like to think that there are others out there who would agree with me on this.  Also, love triumphs over all things.  Two really great morals for the price of one.

Finally, the music is fantastic.

Which brings me back to the music challenge: a guilty pleasure song.

Oh yes, "Belle's Reprise" is my guilty song.  I sing it and the regular part of Belle's song in the shower, I hum it under my breath, I listen to it when I need to remind myself that things are ok.  I try not to do it when anyone is around - I mean, who wants to hear "Beauty and the Beast" all the time - but sometimes I fail.

Ultimately, though, it is my go to guilty pleasure song.  Love it.  Now I feel the urge to watch the movie again...


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