Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Day Ten: Battle of the Scale

I hit that moment this morning when I realized: a good chunk of the weight I've lost in the past month and a half has come back.

This is what break does to me, guys.  I sit around, unmotivated (and completely happy about it too, actually) to really do anything.  I eat.  I write.  I eat some more.  I read.  I munch a snack.  I make some knitted projects.

And on and on.

I mean, break is great.

But break also means that I've gained back weight.  I guess I'm going back to running the stairs at school.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Goodness knows I should be doing that anyway.  I've become too dependent on the elevator this semester....

Oh well.  It was worth it.  Especially the doing nothing part.  I love that part.

Only one day left.  Then it's back to school.  Oddly enough, I'm back to having weird feelings about it.  Maybe it's because I'm not sleeping well.  It's not the classes I'm worried about.  It's the social end. 

But really, I should be fine as long as I have a book with me.  I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  "With her nose stuck in a book, she really is a funny girl..."  Yeah. 

Interesting, random trivia here: I actually can navigate my way almost anywhere while reading.  It's not something I recommend (I've almost tripped over completely flat surfaces multiple times while doing it, but then again, I trip when I don't read and walk), but it's kind of a cool thing to do.  People leave you alone.  Or they look at you like you're a complete odd ball.

I never did get a new phone.  I went to Best Buy and looked at their phones.  In the end, I decided that since the plan I'm on (my parents' plan) is going to be renewed in like three months, I'll just suffer through it and then get the free upgrade phone. 

I just couldn't spend the money for something I realized I could get for free if I waited.  Further proof that I am my father's daughter.

I hope you guys are all having a great Sunday.  I have to go finish blocking a scarf that I made this week.

Until we meet again.


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