Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Survived.

My presentation went better than expected, actually.  Oh wait, did I tell you guys about that?  I had a three slide presentation due in psychology today.  I wasn't really stressed about it.  Well, unless you count waking up at three in the morning and running it through my head until I fell back asleep as stress. 

In which case, yeah, I was a little stressed.

I had the craziest nightmare this morning.  It was after I went back to sleep from waking up at three.  I dreamed that the area my family is living in got evacuated due to a wildfire.  We grabbed as much stuff as we could and packed up the car.  My dad was driving, like he always is in my dreams.  Suddenly we were driving on the old outer road in Missouri that I remember and know well.  (Funny way that dreams merge past and present, isn't it?  I very rarely make it through a nightmare or a dream without some element from my old home, neighborhood, or roads...)  We were going the wrong way; as my dad tried to turn around, we were surrounded by smoke.

I woke up to the nasty chirping of my alarm clock.

I think my day could have been a lot worse, actually.  Especially with that as a precursor.  But it went pretty well for the most part.  I'm thankful for that.

I have decided to write my informative speech on how to protect yourself during the Zombie Apocalypse.  I know it's not something practical, but I am so sick of being practical.  I can be practical when I'm old.  I'm young and frankly, I want to do something fun.  I love planning how things are going to go down when the zombies come; this is just an extention of that.

I spoke to my creative writing instructor today as well.  I've been feeling kind of crappy about my skills as a writer this semester; it was a very encouraging thing to talk to her about.  I feel a lot better about where my writing kind of stands. 

I'm really tired.  Waking up at odd hours really doesn't do any good for anyone.  I think it may be an early night.

I found a Stephen King book I couldn't get into.  It's "the Stand" and I was trying to read it at school today.  Maybe there was too much going on (they had gaming systems set up in the area I normally sit in and it was kind of fun to watch groups do DDR - I myself was wearing heels and had no intention of doing it, but I had no problem watching others make fools of themselves, lol...) or maybe I was just too tired.  Whatever it was, I returned it to the library today with only five pages read.

Maybe I need a change in what I'm reading.  I mean, I love horror and I love Stephen King, but lately it's all been feeling a little predictable to me.  I refuse to read romances because I'm having enough issues with it (or lack thereof) in my own life; fantasy is the same old, same old.  Maybe I should take to reading creative non fiction.  That might shake up my book diet nicely.

Oh, and aren't you guys proud of me?  I've been updating every single day since the year started.  That's right, dear readers.  I have been good on my self-imposed challenge.  Granted, I don't feel like I have a lot to say most of the time, but hey.  At least I'm doing it.

Ah, I feel like I need to go read or knit.  Something to unwind.  I'll talk to you guys later.


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