Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So I Woke Up Thinking...

...about all the well-meaning adults in my life and their well-meaning advice.

I know it sounds like a completely random thing to be thinking about first thing in the morning, but I can assure you it's not.  See, the adults I know (outside of my parents, cause my parents actually understand me to an extent) have all started to share "advice" about what I should do with my life. 

I believe it is spurred on by the fact that, provided everything goes well, I'll be graduating from the community college I attend next spring with my writing degree.  Once adults learn about this, they ask the "pressing" question: Where do you plan to go for your four year degree?

My answer?  I'm not.  I really just want to have the A.A. with the writing emphasis for now.

Once they learn that, these adults ask the next logical question.

"So what do you plan on doing with your two year degree, then?"

Hmm, let me think a moment here.  Nothing, actually.  I plan on working full time somewhere, getting my own car, moving out, and writing in my free time.  Which basically translates into being semi-broke but happy.

Which is not an acceptable answer, so I usually bs something like "oh, maybe I'll work for a magazine or a newspaper..."  Actually, those are real possiblities, so maybe I'm not bs-ing as much as I thought.

From here, the conversation takes one of two routes:  I either get the polite smile/nod combination before the adult walks away to more interesting individuals, or I get slammed with a tidal wave of well-meaning advice.

Here are some examples from the past week of advice that I've recieved:

"Don't waste your twenties, get out and travel while you're young!"

"Don't get married in your twenties, wait until you've done all that you want to do."

"Don't bother with boys and dating, just do what you want to do."

"See the world while you can."

"Go and embrace your youth!"

Do you guys see the common theme here?  It's like no one believes I'm happy where I am.  Or maybe they're all having regrets about where their own lives are at.

The truth is, I really don't have any desire to see the world.  I'm fairly content where I am right now and I'm already doing what I love - writing and going to school.  I do plan on traveling in the United States at some point, but I would much rather do it with someone than by myself.  Oh, and I'll date and get married when God sends the right man my way.  So if I'm young, that's great; if I'm older, that's great too.

I just have to wonder about these adults who have children of their own but who insist on trying to mother me.  I already have a mom, guys.  And news flash here - she actually has been through hell and back with me, which is something I don't think these adults seem to understand.

Oh well.  At least I'm good at smiling and nodding.


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