Friday, March 18, 2011

More Tax Money!

It always thrills me when I get money back from taxes. 

I currently don't work.  I am a full time student and frankly, that is more than enough for the moment.  But you see, I held a job over the summer.  A job that started off fun and ended with me feeling like I was in hell every time I went to work.

And those summer hours plus those hours that bled into the fall semester (I barely remember the start of last semester because I was so tired from work, if you'll believe that) add up.  And when it came time to file taxes, I filed taxes.

Now I get money back in the form of two separate checks: the state and the federal.

I already got one back a few weeks ago.  I planned out what I was going to do with it, and every dime went to some sort of good thing - taking my sister out for lunch, buying a Mother's Day gift in advance (it was Kate's idea, btw, so let's take a moment to applaud her for thinking in ahead), getting yarn to make a sweater with, and then feeding myself during school.  That's a big one right there.

Then I was just waiting for my second check to come.

Yesterday it did. 

And now I have to plan what I want to do with it.  The bulk of it will go back into my fairly depleated savings account, I think.  Then there's more yarn to buy (my sister's b-day is on the way and I need to get hopping on her gift), books to think about investing in, friends to go out with, and more school expenses.  I think the bulk of this one is gone too.

But that's the beauty of it.  I work, I pay taxes, and the government decides to give me some of that moolah back.  I think Uncle Sam can afford to buy me some extra yarn and a Coke.  It's kind of like guilt free spending.  Granted, I am still my father's daughter - if it's not a good deal, I won't do it.  Just because I have the money doesn't mean I should spend every penny of it on frivolous things. 

Like yesterday.  I went to McDonald's for lunch and decided I wanted a cherry pie.  It was two for a dollar or one for 99 cents.  The obvious thing was to buy two.  I ended up pawning one off on one of my friends because I couldn't eat it.  But that was good, cause she got a pie out of it too.  Even if it was kind of...burned..and...greasy...

Ok, enough rambling.  I'm off to the bank.


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